SOPA, PIPA and radar cops

I don’t know what mailing list I got on, but over the last few days I think I’m the proud recipient of over $100 mil from sources like the UK random email smack down to the Botswanian Minister of Money Laundering, and now one that starts out “Dearest in Christ”. I only get $12.5 mil from these swindlers.

My Lewis Black rant of the day: Why don’t they take some of the bevy of cops who are hiding with radar guns at the bottom of hills and sick them on these Internet pirates who every day attempt to steal our identities, rob our bank accounts, and stomp us like termites?

We all know the answer, but it doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy toward law and order, radar cops or government. How can they be considering bills like SOPA and PIPA (Sofa People) when they can’t even slow down the Internet identity theft industry that is obviously in full-swing?


Let’s be clear, the SOPA controversy and its attendant dual threats to privacy and freedom of speech are not necessarily an Obama thing. It’s what Eisenhower warned us about. It’s government hegemony, military/industrial intrusion into personal expression and freedom of thought. The march of human progress is beyond party affiliation, and an enemy to despotic control.

Small contributions

Before they intensify the drums of war, before more innocents die, before we are subjected to the marketing of the next assault and its attendant products on the shelves at Walmart, rather than focus on our differences, let’s project into the ethers our shared vision of peaceful co-existence. Positive conscious imagination…

Let There Be Peace on Earth by Vince GillĀ